Monday, June 8, 2009

Real life cancer care

Hugging my patient today as she cried, in front of her teenage grandson, she has lost control. The cancer now seems to have control. She takes her shots for neutrophil recovery, yet she is still too low to treat. She's off schedule because now she has to interrupt the schedule for the next treatment since she cannot be treated today. She can't get a full dose of chemo either because of protracted neutropenia. How can she experience a cure like this? What can I do? Listen, offer support, tell her I'm with her as she is on this journey. I hugged her. She is a survivor. This is war for her. The battle for her life.

Another patient, her son crying, she has cancer that has spread to the liver, lung, bones and adrenal gland. Answered many questions from her long distance granddaughter who is in the medical field. How long will she survive? Will this new treatment for kidney cancer work? Thank God we have something to offer her since there used to be nothing to offer patients with renal cell cancer. We will begin to treat tomorrow... pain patch and Dilaudid for breakthrough pain to try and make her comfortable.

WBC greater than 300,000... that's AML for sure, and it was. Just a young kid in his early 20's. Induction... didn't work. A top medical transplant center suggests a more aggressive second induction to try and get him to a remission so maybe he can be transplanted. Probably his only hope. We will start the matching process on his siblings soon. The dubious quote from this guy, "I've lived a good 20 plus years, I'm not going to let you do a bone marrow biopsy on me." What in the world?! Give me a break, you are just a kid.

This was a day in the life of my career as an oncology nurse. I love it and I work with the best doctors and nurses ever.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where have I been?

Working... working... working. It seems there are not be enough hours in the day to do all the work needed for the patients I see in the busy oncology practice where I work. How can I balance it? I need to prioritize my days and be disciplined to follow through with what I need to do for my work/life balance to be meaningful.

Beginning early in the day with time in the Holy Bible and in prayer and meditation is a no brainer for a believer, yet I end up oversleeping and then the day is just shot. Maybe I can start this again tomorrow. I definitely want to begin to live a more healthy life. Focus on making food choices that are beneficial to my body is something I must begin to do. Also, making time for exercise, even just a walk would make a difference I'm sure.

Phil is concerned about his own physical condition and this is a cry for help to me as the homemaker and keeper of our home. He does not cook and will just eat a sandwich if left on his own. I have pulled out two books that I used to lose weight and be more healthy in the 90's. Food For Life by Pamela M. Smith, R.D. and Eat Well Live Well also by Pamela M. Smith. Both of these plans made sense and were easy. Her plan feels somewhat strict as she does not allow for any choices that one would consider a splurge. But I think I can balance her overall plan with some room for the occassional dessert so we will not feel completely restricted.

Colossians 2:20-23 tell me that my problem is my evil desire and that I don't have to follow man made rules to make myself feel better, but need to know that I am free in Christ and his power will help me to succeed in living on this earth. Amen.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New to blogging

I am really beginning to enjoy what is available online. I am getting to know people that have been in my life again. Also finding brethren that will be with me in eternity and getting to know them. Facebook and now Twitter are great applications for getting to know more about people in the world that I have known in the past and know now. Thinking about writing more, singing more, getting out of my house and trying to know more people. I want to really get to know Jesus, who he was on earth and who he is now and how following him will enhance my life now and for eternity.

I want to help Phil develop his talent for writing and composition. He is a very deep person really but his history of depression and long time diabetes have really taken a toll on him and his ability to write. My husband is Phil, he is my soul mate. We met in April on 1987, went on our first date on May 9, 1987, he asked me to marry him on May 21st of 1987 and we married on September 5th of that same year. I was about to graduate from University of Mobile, then Mobile College when we met. It seems that I knew almost immediately upon our first meeting that he was very special and I wanted to know him more.

Who will read this, who will care what I say? Me, it doesn't matter about anyone else for now but I want to say something and to share with others.